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Tales of Insanity - Final Mix Plus by PentiumMMX Tales of Insanity - Final Mix Plus :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 0 0
Mature content
The Power of Coffee :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 2 4
Director Who - Episode 2003
Episode 2003: Even Less Conventional Chaos
It had been a few weeks since Ramona accidentally swapped bodies with 2k-tan, and in that time, they decided to go to an anime convention in a nearby city. It had been almost a decade since Ramona last went to one...and thankfully, Metal Luigi didn't show up and use a strange gun that turns people into the character they're cosplaying as. Even with those memories in the back of her mind, she still came in cosplay, and roped in 2k-tan and Yendor into joining. Ramona was dressed as Chie from Persona 4, 2k-tan was dressed as Rem from Re:Zero, and Yendor was dressed as Lum from Urusei Yatsura.
Before they knew it, it was the last day of the convention, with the closing ceremonies coming up shortly.
"Hard to believe it went by so quickly," Ramona said, let down that it's almost over.
"...And the only weird thing this time was a fire alarm test," 2k-tan remarked. "I suppose, that is a marked improvement over las
:iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 3
Toonami 20th Anniversary Retrospective by PentiumMMX Toonami 20th Anniversary Retrospective :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 0 0 Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode V by PentiumMMX Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode V :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 4 Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode IV by PentiumMMX Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode IV :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 5 Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode III by PentiumMMX Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode III :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 2 4 Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode II by PentiumMMX Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode II :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 4
Mature content
Director Who: Episode 1402 :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 3
The TAPL Crew, in sprite form by PentiumMMX The TAPL Crew, in sprite form :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 0 Chronicles of PentiumMMX by PentiumMMX Chronicles of PentiumMMX :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 3 A Quick Look at MegaMan NT Warrior Axess by PentiumMMX A Quick Look at MegaMan NT Warrior Axess :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 0 0 A Quick Look at Toonami Intruder Trilogy by PentiumMMX A Quick Look at Toonami Intruder Trilogy :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 0 0 Adventures of Princess Lan 3 by PentiumMMX Adventures of Princess Lan 3 :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 2 2 Adventures of Princess Lan 2 by PentiumMMX Adventures of Princess Lan 2 :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 0 Adventures of Princess Lan (2006 rewrite) by PentiumMMX Adventures of Princess Lan (2006 rewrite) :iconpentiummmx:PentiumMMX 1 2


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Here's a few random things to note, that I couldn't fit anywhere else, about the past few stories I've uploaded:

- If you were wondering, yes; uploading PentiumMMX's Backstory on April Fool's Day was completely intentional. I originally had a different plan, but then realized that timing the release of that around that day was just too perfect; given it's garbage quality. I almost gave it a fake description to go above and beyond to make it seem like something a 14-year-old that listens to too much Linkin Park would post, but since I was too busy at an anime convention that weekend to edit it to have the normal description come April 2, I gave it a normal description to begin with...while poking fun at its status in-canon and overall quality (I mean, the fact that the logo is written in Comic Sans should tell you enough about my feelings in regard to it).

- Untitled Short Story may be my most generic title after An Untitled Hentai from several years back. However, I decided to let it keep its title; after all, it began life with no intention on being anything more than it is, but it ultimately snowballed into what we now know as The Luke Trilogy, which in spite of its problems, ultimately paved the way for Director Who as we know it now. Unlike the other stories, I did give this one a slight remaster; cleaning up the spelling and grammar as I prepared it for upload.

- TCP Gaiden Part 1 was honestly a mess; it had some good aspects, but it never felt like it had a strong focus, with ideas popping in and either being dropped or resolved so quickly that it had no impact...kinda like the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who.

- TCP Gaiden Part 2, however, I felt was a much stronger story, with its only critical failing being the lead up to the final battle with Luke. In fact, I initially considered publishing the story with that chapter snipped out and published separately with wrap-around commentary, but ultimately decided to instead publish it 100% intact, even if I'm not fond of the final battle.

- Jumping ship to the new world contiunity, we have Episode 2003. The idea for this one came about when I was preparing TCP Episode III for upload; realizing that I would actually be attending an anime convention for the first time just a few weeks later, so now I could make a story that would better capture the feeling. In fact, during the story, I do make reference to some things that did actually happen at the convention in real life. The story ended up being pretty weird, which is part of what lead to my decision to finish it up and upload it on 4/20.

- On a second note with Ep2003, the costumes our protagonists were wearing did have some significance. Yendor as Lum was solely because the friend of mine that would become the primary inspiration behind Yendor was, in fact, cosplaying as Lum. Then, there's 2k-tan as Rem; honestly, it felt obvious to me, given how 2k already has short blue hair. As for Ramona...she was originally going to be Sheska, from Fullmetal Alchemist, before I decided mid-way through writing it to instead have her in cosplay as Chie; which is a cosplay I might consider doing next year.

Now, for a few coming attractions:

- Tales of Insanity: Final Mix + and End of the Millennium: Remastered Edition
Due to popular request, I have decided to produce remastered editions of these two stories and upload them in PDF format; allowing their credits sequences to be seen for the first time. Both stories will feature improved spelling and grammar, along with a few minor changes of dialog, and with the former, it'll incorporate The True Ending into the story proper, with the original ending being incorporated into the prologue to EOTM. TOI will be uploaded this coming weekend, while EOTM will enter production next month.

- Reviews
I have some in the pipeline that I need to get back to working on, TBH; my next major one is a look at the '94 Mega Man cartoon, in all its glorious '90s cheesiness.
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R. McIntosh
United States
After years of writing stories (My earliest not being that great IMO), I've finally decided to finally start posting some of them online for everyone to see; mainly focusing in my main series (The Director Who saga), but also some of my other unrelated works, as well as some of my retrospective reviews on old shows I watched (Presented in PDF format, to preserve the formatting).

I'm physically male, but mentally it varies from day to day; typically leaning female in most cases.


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